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Curriculum Vitae

Poster for a campaign against alcoholism

Mentors: prof. Radovan Jenko & prof. Ranko Novak

Calendar page for "Kogl" Vinoteque

Proposed illustrations of values for "Vzajemna" insurance company.

First row: 1/Education & Development; 2/ Stability; 3/ Team-work
Second row: 4/ Content client; 5/ Inside Relations; 6/ Content employees

Mentor: prof. Radovan Jenko

Web jam-session
4 authors, 4 colours. Mine was magenta.

Co-authors: Miha Artnak (green),
Žiga Aljaž (blue) & Žiga Testen (black)

Visit page for details and puzzle

Drevo / Tree

Interactive web project. Description of the concept on the link below. (click on English version)

Co-author: Žiga Aljaž
Flash: Lovro Žitnik

Cardboard box

Album cover for "funky" Slovenian band

Co-author: Žiga Aljaž

Logotype proposal for Festival Of Vine & Poetry, Medana 2007

Co-author: Saša Štucin
Mentor: prof. Radovan Jenko

Design for Festival Of Light "Light Detectives"

Confidence For Person

Confidence For Person, pg. 1

Confidence For Person, pgs. 2-3

Confidence For Person, pgs. 4-5

Confidence For Person, pgs. 6-7
Text by Tea Hvala

Portraits of my father & brother

Comic strip made for youngsters

Illustration of Chess players

Mesto pravljic / City Of Fairy-tales

Project: enlivenment of Ljubljana's streets.
Illustrations of Slovenian authors attached on Ljubljana's street walls. Every illustration would be supported with "story page" on the wall.

Fictional intervention on Ljubljana's streets

Co-author: Saša Štucin
Mentor: prof. Radovan Jenko